A focus on your inner world

Woltring Coaching encourages introspection and develops your ability to reflect on yourself. In this process, the role played by the coach is purely catalytic, allowing you to formulate your own coaching aim and develop the solution yourself. After all, you are the only person who can actually bring about the desired change. But first you will need to know what it is exactly, that you want to change.

Exploration and discovery

Once this has been established, you then work with your coach to explore why you have not yet been able to make things happen. What is stopping you? How are you maintaining the status quo? At which junctions in your life do you always choose to go in the same direction? How does your life always end up stalling? What do you need, to get things going again?

Experiment and strike out

We all have our own blind spots: that is what makes us human. And humans are creatures of habit. After a while, we are no longer even aware that our behaviour has become habitual. Habits are actually formed for good reasons: thoughts and behaviour become automatic only if they are so valuable that applying them again and again is a useful thing. But if circumstances change, those habits stop being of value and they may then stand in your way. Unfortunately, once it gets to this point, we are no longer aware that they are habits. As an open-minded outsider, a coach is in a much better position to recognise and pinpoint such patterns in the way you think and act than you are yourself.

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