Caroline – “I am now creating great opportunities for myself.”

“I have achieved more than I had in mind when I started my coaching journey. I received a much broader answer than just my career questions. The insights gained have brought me a lot: I know what my goals are, who I am and what I want and I am not afraid to make choices to get there. I let headhunters know that I am available for board roles, which means that many suitable jobs are now coming my way.

I am very satisfied with how things are going now. I live healthier, I’m much less in my head and there are many great opportunities coming my way, which I weigh more choosy and demanding. Most of all I listen to myself. To my body, my feelings and my thoughts. And I relate things to my mission again and again: What is really important? Both at home and professionally.”

–  Director Operations, Multinational Financial Sector –  Appreciation executive coaching journey: 9

Johan – “I feel equipped to act decisively.”

“Before the start of the process I was very stressed, which led to a crisis. It was particularly frustrating that it was not possible to win new projects. I had to withdraw as coordinator because I was completely stuck, I could not get a word onto the screen. That is why I suggested / seized the opportunity for a coaching process. What I wanted to achieve is that I would enjoy working again, and that I could go home with some satisfaction at the end of each day.

I have come to recognize that the tendency to withdraw is characteristic of me in many ways and that it contributes to a feeling of powerlessness. In the first place, I am now always consciously trying not to withdraw. This applies in social situations, and also in potential conflict situations. I feel better equipped to act more decisively, which has improved communication a lot by becoming clearer. I am also more consistent with ‘energy’. I take consistent breaks and I am more regularly off work in the evenings.

I am a lot more positive and clearly less stressed than a year ago. This is partly because I won a number of projects. Coaching also played a role. I feel less like a plaything and feel more in control. My goals have changed from survival to motivated student guidance and education. I enjoy joint activities with the team I lead again.

– Professor, University – Appreciation executive coaching journey: 8

Luka – “I have more space for myself. On to a more challenging managerial position!”

“What has this coaching journey brought me? Understanding, insight and the opportunity to use my talents. I have achieved more than I envisioned. I was mainly looking for some answers in relation to my identity and my qualities. In addition to those answers and thus also the peace I was looking for, I also got to know sides of myself that I didn’t know before and said goodbye to a number of patterns that didn’t help me. I take more space for myself and am better able to recognize and express my own needs.

  • I still want to challenge myself and ‘mean something in the world’. Only I no longer have to get the most out of everything, always and everywhere, so there is more calm in the way I want to achieve the goal.
  • My giftedness has now become more of a part of myself and therefore less relevant. I don’t really feel the need to focus on that anymore.
  • I think for me, discovering that being “angry” isn’t in my being has made the most impact. I used to believe it was a matter of ‘me against the rest of the world’ and very little of that has remained. The belief that ‘I didn’t like people that much’ is also completely gone.
  • I have become calmer and more self-aware. I take more space for myself and have become better able to deal with my feelings, even when they are negative. I have more patience in dealing with others, because I realize that sometimes I really think differently. That realization alone makes it easier for me to connect better.
  • I am still learning and exploring every day. I regularly reflect on my own feelings and actions. Taking a break every now and then and becoming aware of myself, I try to keep the focus on my development.
  • I am now taking the steps towards a more challenging managerial position for the future through a Management Development process. At least I have the next step clear and I also have the support for this from my environment. Because of the realization that I do have a thing for people, it has become much more clear here.”

–  Manager Police,  Appreciation personal coaching journey: 9

Simon – “Chantal excels at combining an analytical and empathetic approach.”

“As a coach, Chantal excels at combining an analytical approach with an empathic one. She leads her coachee to come to grip with past choices and to identify underlying behavioral patterns. Her intense and systematic coaching style will suit the analytical and self-critical mind to a great extent.”


“I have worked with Chantal as a collegue for three years. I have gotten to know her as a sensitive, engaged, committed, forthright and conscientious human being. She listens with full attention, is sharp, keeps the overview in a conversation and is verbally very strong. She also knows how to realise a balance between an empathetic and a rational approach, between a professional business like attitude and exuding a personable warmth, between exuding energy and calm.”


“I have gotten to know Chantal a sharp, analytical en sensitive human being. Her outlook on the world and people is very open, which immediately invites you to ‘think out-of-your-box”and change your point of view.”

Educational Psychologist & Pedagog