Know Thy Self

To live fully, requires you to be aware of and willingly accept your own particulair idiosyncrasies.

Consciously developing your own way of being, enables you to lead yourself. Leading yourself, and thus modelling to others how to be, is how you invite your environment to follow you in your vision. However, no leadership before consiously being aware of being who you actually are. γνῶθι σεαυτόν. Know thyself. Know the part of you that always wanted to be, but never was allowed the room to be. The part of you that had to be, but was actually somebody else’s. The part that you want to say goodbye to, so the part that is calling you can have the space it needs to be. Taking the path to all you are, ridding yourself of what is not yours. Activating your potential to grow, without ignoring your shadow sides.

So you can determine your own path in this world, respecting your own autonomy, independence whilst operating in connection with the world around you.