As a group, my clients are a good reflection of the diversity that exists among gifted people. If you were to take a random group of gifted people, you would find that they represent a much wider range than a random group of people selected from the population as a whole.

They all share the characteristics so typical for giftedness:

  • have advanced cognitive abilities (very quick, wide and nuanced in their thinking)
  • enjoy discovering novelties and complexity and depth
  • are autonomous in their will, wishes and desires
  • driven by their curiosity
  • intense in their emotional experience
  • sensitive in their perceptions
  • broad in their interest and multiple capabilities
  • and have a strong creative drive


Most of my clients are over 45 years of age, starting at early 30s to far over 60. Most are at the threshold ending mid-career level, preparing to enter the third fase of their career.


Coming from all sectors, they range from professionals in leadership and executives in senior management to entrepreneurs and C-level executives. They work predominantly in one of the following fields (often even ‘cross-fertilizing’ two or more):

  • Business (Services, Industry, Finance, IT):
    • strategy consultant
    • managing director
    • chief operational officer
    • senior management
    • accountant & entrepreneur
  • Scientists either in for-profit or not-for-profit sectors:
    • engineer
    • medical specialist
    • researcher (R&D)
    • technological designer
  • Academic Education & Research:
    • university department chair/professor
    • researcher
    • lecturer
    • governor
  • Professional speaker:
    • philosopher
    • writer
    • lawyer
    • legal expert
    • journalist