Portretfoto Chantal Woltring M.Sc.

Chantal Woltring M.Sc.

Since 2007, I have been working with a group that generally goes unrecognised and in which I have a strong interest, namely the gifted. My own experience, drawn from the family in which I grew up, means that I am familiar with both the very positive and the very negative aspects that can possibly be associated with giftedness.

My background is in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences and I graduated as an engineer (M.Sc.) from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1998. My first job was in the business services sector (consultancy and IT). After a few years, I realised that coaching my staff and seeing the personal development that resulted from it gave me the most satisfaction and so I took a course in coaching at the School voor Coaching.

I started my own coaching practice, working from my home in Eindhoven, in 2004. It is here that I have been working primarily with highly, profoundly and exceptionally gifted adults, since 2007.

Up until February 2016, I continued to work for Feniks Talent B.V., in Utrecht, for one day a week. Here I supported gifted adolescent and young-adult dropouts. The growth of my own practice meant that I was no longer to combine the two, so I now focus fully on Woltring Coaching.

However, Feniks Talent will always have a special place in my heart. When my previous employer (the Centre for Creative Learning in Sterksel, which had been the leading centre for expertise in giftedness since 2001) got into financial difficulty and had to close its doors in 2013, Feniks Talent took over where it left off.