Catalyzing Corporate Leadership to Embrace Complexity

Because our world is too beautiful to not be enjoyed.

Self organising purposeful nimble cohesion

Rate of Change

Our world has a rate of change, uncertainty and complexity that is no longer served by the machine-metaphor underlying our corporate business models and narratives. The reductionist views it allowed, the consequences it created, no longer benefit corporations nor its stakeholders.

Honor Complexity

The consequences at local and global scales, force organisations to stop ejecting responsibilities as so-called externalities, but require business owners and corporate leadership to own their unintended influence. Thus honoring the complexity of this one global ecosystem, earth, our businesses operate in.

Distributed Leadership

This requires that particularly top leadership gives way to others, so their organisations can become more nimble to the volatility of their environments. Sharing your leadership from your direct reports to your front line employees and younger generations. 

Starting from trust

Daring to let go of control and learning to start from trust, is key for adaptive, distributed leadership. A very personal transition for executives of traditional leadership teams. Most of whom have for decades been reared, trained and daily engrained to lead from a mindset towards stability, efficiency and control in stead of adaptability, resilience and letting go.

Relax into uncertainty

My personal life has taught me that we are often both over-constrained and under-held. We gain joy by letting go of what no longer serves us. This is true for individuals, organisations and societies. 

I enable corporate leadership teams to go through that exact process. I bring business leadership the mindset to let go of control, relax into uncertainty and embrace complexity. So our organisations can become fluid enough to honor the complex world we live in. 

Nimble Coherence

Imagine a highly nimble business as a flock of birds, as a school of fish. It is no longer positional power and extrinsic motivation via targets and rewards that provide the rigid hierarchy the consistency of organisation. Now it is the intrinsic motivation of the individual birds or fish that provides the flexible coherence of the flock.
This requires three aspects to be simultaneously satisfied for each bird, and for the flock as a whole: relatedness, autonomy and competence-development.

Deeply Personal Transformation

Learning to be able to invite others by modeling these behaviours, corporate leaders often experience a deeply personal journey of transformation. A process not easily done without capable support. Allow yourself to be held. Feel free to connect and find out how I can best be of service to you in your strategic and organisational corporate challenges: