Is your board an effective decision-making collective?
Do your board’s group dynamics invite the long-term resilience of your organisation? 
Does your board have what it takes to thrive in continuous uncertainty?

Today’s turbulence calls for enterprises to evolve continuously and reconsider their purpose. Boards can no longer evade answering the existential questions. What value does your business bring to the world? What is your enterprise’s purpose in this ecology?

It is every boardroom’s duty to be a highly effective learning collective, nimbly adapting their enterprise to the ever-changing context of their ecology. I support boards as they work through identity- and ego-infused dynamics to reach this state.

My work takes place at the edges. As an active observer, I bring the dynamics of group systems into your awareness, allowing more effective ways of being and working together to emerge. Purposeful interventions shift the trajectory and redirect attention as needed, but soon, you do this on your own. The less I intervene, the more you change from within. Leaving your company well-equipped for self-propelling development and autonomous transformation. Long into the future.

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“I came in thinking: ‘I know how international business works. I’m a director, what can coaching teach me?’ But there I was positively surprised by her pushing my limits, which was exactly what was needed. Chantal pushed me in a constructive way and challenged me as an executive. I very much appreciated her approach.”

Jean Philip De Tender, Director Media, European Broadcasting Union

“The more complex, the better it is for Chantal. Her background and her presence make her a peer for boards in these environments. She knows what it’s about.”

Jo Krill, Boardroom Adviser & Co-Founder of MYNA

“If you want a quick fix, she’s not for you. If you already have a point on the horizon, she’s not for you. But if you’re interested in exploring the horizon itself, then she can be incredibly useful and valuable. The more open you are, the more useful Chantal will be.”

Joris Luyendijk, Writer, Journalist & Anthropologist

“If you want to evolve into an authentic leadership team for a complex environment, Chantal’s the one.”

Desirée Houkema, Group Dynamics Facilitator, Specialist Gifted Talent Development & Personal Growth

“I am the founder of a company and sometimes people tell me I am the ‘soul’ of the organisation. It’s a great compliment, but it’s also a burden. I met Chantal and I thought ‘finally someone understands what I’m dealing with’ because she’s had similar experiences and she can see the bigger picture.”

Founder and Partner, Consultancy in Life Sciences & Healthcare

“Chantal can really bring you where you haven’t looked before in a very efficient and pleasant way. I’d had coaches before but I knew that they couldn’t help me any further. They were guides along the way, but I moved ahead and I needed something else.”

Dr. Gerda Zeeman MD, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist, Consultant, & Professional Coach

“There was a meta-perspective possible with Chantal that I think most coaches would be very uncomfortable with, and I think that’s when most highly gifted people come alive: when a meta-perspective is possible… it requires a cognitive force that most people don’t have.”

Joris Luyendijk, Writer, Journalist & Anthropologist

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